AUS DEM STAND | short | 27′ | kunsthochschule für medien

A young security guard is beaten up by a gang of girls on his way home. His identity and self-image get completely out of balance but he is unable to tell somebody and tries to ignore his feelings of fear and shame, until an unbearable situation seems to leave him only one solution to regain his order.

Dennis Prinz | Luana Bellinghausen | Daniel Wiemer | Ivan Robert | Thomas Balou Martin | Theo Pfeifer | Steffen Will | Thomas Clemens | Lolle Stern | Teresa Henn

dop: Janis Mazuch | sound: Robin Cornelissen | production design: Yasmine Kalla Akwa | costume design & makeup: Jessica Wölfl | editing: Jonas Heicks | music: Jan Paul Bachmann | sounddesign: Carsten Hudasch, Hendrik Nölle

44. Hofer Filmtage 2010
Istanbul International Short Film Festival 2010
Lille European Filmfestival 201